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Welcome to PT. Maha Karunia Sejahtera !

Since its first initial establishment, PT. Maha Karunia Sejahtera has been a committing and successful confectionery company. Our aim is to provide our customers with the best quality at a competitive price. Due to the different behavior of consumption in different countries, we can adapt our products to meet the taste and culture at the certain market. We strongly believe that customer satisfaction is the priority and strive to maintain the trust and give beyond the expectation of our customers.

Our range of products consists of Umbrella Chocolate, Chocolate Bar, Chocolate Snack, Chocolate Paste Stick, Chocolate Ball, Mini Chocolate, Chocolate Coin, Ice Lolly Chocolate, Oval Ball, Rainbow Stick and many more. With the trust and support given by the domestic and international markets, we are proven to be capable in providing the finest taste of confectionery products for everyone with great satisfactions.
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